A Bag of Nines and a Refried Jew

Last night I met a 9th-10th grade English teacher at an Austin public high school. He shared with me an “essay” written by a student of his. The assignment was to write about the different experience Jewish and non-Jewish children had in Nazi Germany. Students had two hours to complete this, in class (using Microsoft Word, so they could of course use spell check), and were allowed to use the Internet for research. Below is the verbatim text submitted by one student. If you ever meet someone who questions whether we have some “issues” in our educational system, refer them to this masterpiece.

Well the effect of the holocaust on the Jew children and non-Jew was very different and children. was especially vulnerable in the era of the holocaust and also the Nazis advocated killing children of un wanted ands the non Jew was refried to as the other ands they had about 1.5 millions non Jew and most people were not aware of any other non Jew and during the holocaust eleven millions viewable like was lost. Six millions of these were polish citizen and half of these were non-Jew. And like the adults the kids were only a mere bag of nines with out muscles or fat. And the chances for survival for Jewish and some non-Jew adolescents 13- 18 year old were greater as they could be deployed at forced labor. Children were killed immediately after birth or in institutions children born in the ghettos and camps who survive because prisoners hid them. And children usually age 12 who were used as labors and as subject of medical experiments. Some kids in the ghettos died from starvation. And exposure as well as lack of adequate clothing and shelter because those kids was UN productive they also use twins for experiments. Things like this should not be done because ever person have rights and people who insists of killing people and making people hurt should be killed and should not get a time or day to say any thing cause if they could put so many people in pain they should not deserve to live.


2 responses to “A Bag of Nines and a Refried Jew

  1. You are supposed to remove the all vowels. It makes it much easier to read.

  2. Wow: “the all vowels”. I’m terribly sorry for the above comment…

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