Fix It Again, Tony (FIAT)

In my previous post, I noted that Chrysler fared dismally in Consumer Reports‘ brand reliability study. They have no data on Fiat models, of course, but the strangely named journal Which? Car (WC) in the U.K. does. As quoted on

WC’s annual survey of ownership experiences in the UK rates vehicle models up to eight-years-old, and keeps track of all the standard quality metrics (breakdowns, unscheduled repairs, etc.). … Of the 38 brands listed last year, Fiat ranked 35th on the list, with Renault, Land Rover and Chrysler/Dodge filling the bottom and garnering a “Very Poor” rating. Jeep came in 29th, just missing the lowest designation, but still walking away with an overall rating of “Poor.”

This obviously bodes well for Chrysler’s future in a Chrysler/Fiat mash-up. Not.


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